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About Kofon

About Kofon Motion


The leading professional planetary gearbox manufacturer around the world.


Kofon Motion is the global leading professional servo planetary gearbox manufacturer.We completely focus on the servo planetary gearbox product High Quality, Fast Technical Service and Competitive prices.Currently we have over 30 pcs patented technology to provide customer with high precision servo planetary gearbox,and we can offer planetary gearbox 5 years warranty for service lifetime.


Through Continous planetary reducer technology research and rapid development, equipped with global advanced processing machines, Kofon Motion products reach the industry top level and the annual production volume over 400,000 pcs in our 300,000 square meters facilities. 


Kofon Motion was established in the year of 1999, now we have over 500 employees worldwide. Kofon Motion has the complete products lines of servo planetary gearheads around the world to optimize your servo applications.


Kofon Motion would be dedicated to serve customer with the best motion solution.

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