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About Kofon

R&D and Manufacturing

We have professional transmission R&D center.
We have hundreds of patent in the field of transmission.
We built two manufacturing bases to meet needs from global customer.
Support from global top machining equipements supplier.
Top heat treatment and technical support from Aichelin.


Management and Efficiency

Management stirctly comply with ISO9001:2008.
Deeply customed ERP system with high efficiency.
Comply with 6S standards for all production onsite.
Professional traning and guide for all personnel.
Our team stay highly qualified and efficient.


Quality and Testing

We make the specific quality target for all production management and personnel.
We insist to perfect each quality operation procedure and focus on each details.
All parts and products can be traced effectivly.
Support from top Germany and Japan testing supplier.


Technical Support and Service

Professional technical support team.
Rapidly response to all techinical needs by any time.
Provide professional techinical consulting services and the best solution.
We provide professional gearbox selection system, drawing and instruction. You can get them from our website download center.

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