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FAQ Kofon Servo Planetary Gearbox

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FAQ Kofon Servo Planetary Gearbox.


Why Choose Kofon Servo Planetary Gearbox.


Kofon servo planetary gearbox features and advantages:

1. With the advanced cage design constructure to realize higher stiffness and accuracy.

2. Gear material selection for low carbon alloy forged steel through Aichelin carburizing and quenching process.

3. Gear precision bellow grade ISO 5 through global ultra precision machine to ensure high efficiency and long lifetime.

4. Adopts advanced helical gear design to realize low noise, high torque and low backlash.

5. With heavy series bearings, which can withstand the large radial and axial force.

6. With professional gear technology, modify the tooth shapes and tooth correction to reduce the gear meshing impact and noise.

7. Servo planetary reducer service lifetime could reach 40,000 hours.

8. Planetary gearhead backlash within 3 arcmin.

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