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  • Name: KPLS series servo planetary reducer

- High precision solution:backlash < 1/3/6 arc-min.


- Processing by ultra precision machine and advanced gear grinding craft,the gear precision can be controlled under IS04 to ensure the gearboxes high precision and efficiency.


- Choosing low—carbon alloy forged steel as the raw material of the gear,the hardness can reach HRC60 by deepen harden of carburizing heat treatment to ensure gear strength and lifetime.


- With integrated design of caged planet carrier and output shaft to realize high rigidity and high precision.


- Planet-gear bearings use full needle roller bearing cage to increase gearboxes output torque and rigidity.


- Can be connected with any servo motor around the world.


- No grease leakage and miantenance free by using synthetic lubricating grease and IP65 protection design.


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