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  • Name: KRV series RV reducer

Working principle

•RV transmission is a new transmission developed on the basis of transmission of cycloidal-pin wheel.

•RV reducer is composed of two parts: involute cylindrical gear planetary speed reducer and cycloidal-pin wheel planetary speed reducer.

•The involute planetary gear and the crank shaft are connected together as input of transmission part of the cycloidal-pin wheel.

•The crank shaft drives the cycloidal wheel to have eccentric motion.

•The crank shaft rotates a circle in the clockwise direction while the cycloidal wheel moves one tooth along the counter clockwise direction.

•The core parts of the RV reducer are the pin gear housing, the crank shaft and the cycloidal wheel.


•Tooth gap less than one minute of arc

•Strong impact resistance

•High torsional rigidity

•Large transmission ratio range

•High transmission efficiency

•Long service life


•High-end intelligent equipment industries such as industrial robots, external shafts, precision lathes, radars, medical equipment, etc..

Industrial robot and peripheral device Metal processing machinery

●Joint drive

●Manual drive

●Walking axis drive

●Dividing plate

●Peripheral device

●Tool rotation drive

●Tool changing drive

●Tool magazine drive

●Workpiece positioning device

●Tool positioning device

●Rotary table drive

●Straight moving shaft drive

●Other shaft drive

Printing and paper processing machinery Packaging machinery

●Tension control device

●Cutting tool positioning device

●Phase adjustment device

●Front and back adjustment device

●Position adjustment device

●Height adjustment device

●Shaft synchronization drive

●Handling device drive

●Joint drive

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment Medical equipment

●Handling device

●Positioning drive

●Dividing plate

●Straight moving table

●Workpiece reversing device

●Tension control device

●Hatch opening and closing drive

●Precision joint drive

●Tilt drive

●Table drive


齿  隙:回滞曲线上,转矩为“零”处的扭转角。
空  程:回滞曲线上,转矩为“±3%额定转矩”处的扭转角。



所有 E 系列减速机在额定状态下,效率>80%。

40E 效率举例:


减速机在额定状态下运行,噪音<75 分贝。



减速机在额定状态下运行,寿命>6000 小时。


为保证减速机精度和寿命,请每隔 2000 小时运行后更换油脂。















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