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  • Name: SPL Series Servo Planetary Gearbox Produ...

Precision standard 8 arcmin.Latest helical gear design.


Choosing Low-carbon alloy forged steel as the raw material of the gear, the hardness can reach HRC60 by deepen harden of carburizing heat treatment to ensure gear strength and lifetime.


Can be connected with any servo motor around the world.


No grease leakage and maintenance free by using synthetic lubricating grease and lP65 protection design.

Industrial robot and peripheral device Metal processing machinery

●Joint drive

●Manual drive

●Walking axis drive

●Dividing plate

●Peripheral device

●Tool rotation drive

●Tool changing drive

●Tool magazine drive

●Workpiece positioning device

●Tool positioning device

●Rotary table drive

●Straight moving shaft drive

●Other shaft drive

Printing and paper processing machinery Packaging machinery

●Tension control device

●Cutting tool positioning device

●Phase adjustment device

●Front and back adjustment device

●Position adjustment device

●Height adjustment device

●Shaft synchronization drive

●Handling device drive

●Joint drive

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment Medical equipment

●Handling device

●Positioning drive

●Dividing plate

●Straight moving table

●Workpiece reversing device

●Tension control device

●Hatch opening and closing drive

●Precision joint drive

●Tilt drive

●Table drive

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