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Exhibitions Postponed Due to The Spread of The Coronavirus

June 17, 2020

                                                   The plan of presenting planetary gearbox at the exhibitions during the year 2020 be postponed.  

                                                       We ask for attention of customers looking of servo gearbox, as KOFON will participate in the exhibitions in the year 2021. 

                                                        At that time our team of specialists will go to present new product and the latest trends & development in planetary gearhead technology.      

                                                        We KOFON have long history and good repulation in the market that have good preparation for our customers.

                                                        The sales volume increases on year-on-year basis especially in the domestic market.

                                                       Win-Win is the only way to go. Your confidence in us has always been the core of our attention. 


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