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Strain Wave Gear for Multi-Axis Robot Power Unit

June 22, 2022

The multi-axis power execution robotics unit constantly be one of the major application field of strain wave gears.


This application example shows wrist axis of one 2 axis robot for routing inspection. This application requires backlash-free strain wave gears with high loading capacity, high torsional stiffness, low noise and long service lifetime.

This engineering design supported by our strain wave gear KSBG-SO simplicity box units. This type simplicity box strain wave gear unit featured with special powerful crossed roller bearing, and is therefore ideally suited to industrial robot applications, where there are significant tilting moments on the output-side bearing of the strain wave gears in each joint.


In this engineering design example, the power execution robot unit integrated with one unit of our high precision spiral bevel gear, the spiral bevel gear units optimized tooth engagement helps the section noise control to be perfect. The strain wave gear unit can be easily disassembled without needing to completely disassemble the robot power unit by the modular design.