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The KOFON ® Powerful Solution for Tooling Machine Industry

April 30, 2021

A global great tooling machine builder has increased its internal power unit motion precision by over 30% with the KOFON ® Motion servo gearbox. The power unit motion efficiency also improved by 20% and KOFON ®’s solution has reduced overall cost.

The Germany OEM builds hundreds of tooling machine a year and turned to KOFON ® to provide a solution to improve internal power unit motion efficiency and precision. Thanks to the powerful helical gear and gear grinding technology, KOFON ® servo gearbox solution has increased the accuracy and efficiency, supporting a significant boost to productivity.

With the stricter maintenance free requirements, higher precision, efficiency, stability and better value precision motion solution compared to other options, KOFON ®'s servo gearbox has also reduced overall machine build cost.

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